Autumn Brings New Scents to Men’s Colognes


autumn mens cologneAutumn is here, and that means that it is time to put away the light, watery scents of the summer. Fall brings cooler temperatures, layered clothes, and warm, spicy men’s fragrances. While there isn’t a law that states men should have a cologne for each season, many fashion experts recommend that a man should change his scent at least twice a year.

The Scent of Autumn

Hot summer days and light, clean colognes are a perfect combination, but when the temperature begins to drop it is time for men to change their fragrance. It seems that with longer sleeves and jackets, men also need a more complex cologne. The best colognes for the fall all have one factor in common, it blends the fruity scent of summer with the musky aroma of fall.

Men’s Colognes for Fall

Men’s fall colognes should be earthy and brisk to fit the cool days and evenings of the season. Notes of cedar, leather, and musk are common, along with the refreshing scent of lemon and mint. One of the most anticipated men’s colognes of the season was released in the summer of 2014, just in time for cooler weather.

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by chanel is the sophisticated version of the original that boasts a more contemporary fragrance. While men are still treated to the same green, woodsy scent, the modern version also includes a hint of the Orient. It is a fresh and masculine cologne with just the right touch of velvety amber to make it rich, warm, and extremely sensual.

The fresh, earthy scent of Diptyque 34 is still celebrated at fall, even though it was released in 2011. It was created by Oliver Pescheux to mark the 50th anniversary of the great perfume house. Named after the street where the house of Diptyque opened its first boutique, the cologne is as elegant and complex as its creators. The rich base notes are earthy and green, while the warm floral heart notes are spicy and romantic. To add to the cologne’s complexity, the top notes are fruity, fresh, and invigorating. It is a men’s fragrance that begs to be noticed, and is a perfect complement to the season.

Explore the Changing Seasons

A man’s cologne should change with the seasons, while also reflecting his unique personality. With summer ending and the cooler fall weather beginning, it is the perfect time to change to a more complex men’s cologne. Scents that include a mix of the sweet fruity taste of summer and the earthier aromas of fall, are almost always ideal for this crisp time of year.

One thing men do need to remember when applying a fall cologne is that simply because their clothing is layered or thicker, does not mean he needs to apply more of the fragrance. Unlike the lighter scents of summer, fall colognes are richer and tend to linger longer. The same rules of etiquette apply no matter the season when it comes to wearing men’s cologne.


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