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I have been contributing as a senior writer to several leading men-focused websites for over 10 years, while writing hundreds of words per week on a wide range of fitness, cologne and men's lifestyle topics. I have spent many enjoyable years stocking my cologne closet, and enjoy experimenting with new products, as well as layering old favorites. I hope to inspire readers to take a playful approach to fragrance, and help them to develop their personal fragrance wardrobes.63 Articles


I love the fashion sense men had in the 1920's with their impeccable suits for every occasion. I try to take the same pride in my appearance as they did back then. This also includes the cologne that I wear, and I am constantly looking for a new and stylish fragrance. I am not afraid to try the new scents, and look forward to the introduction of the new ones each season.48 Articles


At 22, I love being on the cutting edge of fashion and men's style. This means that I am also passionate about my appearance and the way I smell. I am a firm believer that every man should mix up his fragrances, which is why I am always on the lookout for the latest men's colognes. I'm not afraid to try new things, which is why I will always be willing to wear all of the exciting new fragrances.44 Articles


I am a botanist who slowly became interested in the different types of plants used in the popular men's colognes. With my unique experience with the ingredients, I am well qualified to find the best scents and fragrances. I love smelling the hints of exotic flowers, and also being surprised when strange combinations work in some of the exciting new colognes.23 Articles