Atelier Cologne Silver Iris Review

Silver Iris Atelier Cologne is another unisex cologne just like the Grand Neroli Atleier Cologne. The Grand Neroli Cologne had a citrusy fresh vibe to it, but the Silver Iris isn’t really like that. The blackcurrant notes really stand out and it’s sweeter than the Grand Neroli.
This has a sort of a fruity feeling to it. Lots of people have fallen in love with the way it smells and is a great option to have especially if you’re living with your significant other as it can be used by both of you since it’s unisex. It’s also a nice present that would work for either sex.
One of the notes that really stands out to users of this cologne is the patchouli so if you love having that scent on you then you’ll want to give this a try.

You might want to think a little harder before you decide to give it to a guy as a present though as it leans more towards the feminine side. Most of its positive reviews have come from women while men have lamented how feminine it smells. If you’re a guy looking for a gift for your wife that you can occasionally try on but don’t want to have as part of your collection then this is probably a great option for you.
That’s not to say that some guys can’t pull it off. If you’re confident enough and believe you’re one of those who can pull it off then by all means go ahead and try it out. Regardless of whether or not you’re drawing compliments wearing it, if you like the way it smells on you then why not go for it? Who cares what others think as long as you’re enjoying yourself and having fun with it?

The fragrance is pretty expensive considering it’s priced at over 110$. This makes you wonder if it’s worth the buy considering the alternatives on the market. If you know that someone loves it then it would be a nice idea for a gift. The fragrance comes in an elegant yet simple bottle that is rectangular to ovoid in shape with a purple cap and label. The bottle’s elegance will probably draw your attention at a perfume store.

Silver Iris Atelier Cologne Notes

Top notes: tangerine, pink pepper, black currant
Middle notes: mimosa, violet leaf, iris
Base notes: patchouli, musk, white amber


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