Atelier Cologne Grand Neroli Review

A lot of men’s colognes fit into that musky category which gives a mysterious and somewhat dark aroma that gives off the impressions of manliness as well as mysticism. There are a few fragrances that have that sweet fruity smell. Then we have Grand Neroli Atelier Cologne. This is a cologne that smells fresh and citrusy. It’s a scent that some have described as reminiscent of an Italian afternoon in the summer. What makes this fragrance so special is that it is unisex and can be used by both men and women. So if you’re living with your spouse or significant other you can both use the same bottle occasionally. It’s probably not a great idea for both of you to go out together wearing the same scent though, regardless of what it is. The fact that it’s unisex makes it a great present for either gender as long as you know the other person enjoys that citrusy fresh smell and aroma.

This cologne is mostly more suited for the summer. It would be a little odd to wear it in the winter since the winter usually requires deeper scents rather than fresh ones. It’s also more suited for wearing during the day. It’s not an aroma you want on you as you go out on a dinner date or to the opera. So its uses are a little restricted when it comes to season and time of day. People who have worn this scent have complained that it doesn’t last long as is mostly a skin scent. So you shouldn’t count on it to last you a whole day in the office. The peak of its smell lasts about 20 minutes. It’s these 20 minutes that it smells at its best, then the best stops being as wonderful and soon it becomes a skin scent. Nonetheless if you’re looking for something that smells fresh and citrusy with an aroma of neroli then this is a great option. The fact that it’s unisex also makes it a decent present.

Grand Neroli Atelier Cologne Notes

Top notes: neroli, amalfi lemon, bergamot, petitgrain
Middle notes: oak moss, birch leaf, galbanum
Base notes: musk, Madagascar vanilla, white amber


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