Aspen Cologne Review

Aspen cologne for Men by Coty was launched in 1989. It’s been around for almost 30 years and can be considered a classic. In fact many people already do consider it a classic. Despite of how old it is it’s still capable of competing on the market with newer products and holds its own. For some people it’s a signature scent that they simply can’t give up. It provides a clean and calming aroma that will give you the composure to deal with the stressors of everyday life while still smelling clean like the past 4 hours of work were nothing. Sometimes life can get messy and frustrating like after 6 hours in the office or when you’ve been stuck in traffic for over 30 minutes. In addition to all that it could be hot with the sun scorching hot. Everything is suitable for you to lose your nerves and breakdown, but Aspen for men won’t let you. It’ll keep you calm and composed. Don’t mistake this effect and think it acts as a sedative slowly putting you to sleep. Aspen also has a fresh aroma that’ll keep you energized. It’s basically giving you the cool head to deal with anything and the freshness to keep your batteries full. Your mind and body will keep up with each other and keep you going for the whole day.

This cologne isn’t really great for winter use. The winter requires darker notes and this doesn’t do that. This doesn’t make it any less great as it is one of the best at what it does. So you could wear this almost all day during warmer seasons such as summer and spring without any problems. In fact you’ll probably be getting lots of compliments from people who enjoy your smell and the effect it has on them.
The thing is, this has been around for almost 30 years so almost everyone has smelled it at least once. Your scent will be recognizable, but it’s not popular enough for people to know what you’re wearing. So this adds to the entire mystery of the fragrance. It costs under 10$ which is a bargain for a cologne such as this one that smells great and can be used for most of the seasons of the year.

Aspen Cologne Notes

Top notes: lemon, bergamot, mint
Middle notes: lavender, vetiver
Base notes: oakmoss, amber

Aspen by Coty 4.0 oz 118 ml for Men Eau De Cologne
List Price: $25.00
Price: $9.29
You Save: $15.71
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