Are Cologne Ads Too Sexy?


The United Kingdom recently banned Rihanna’s ad for her sensual new fragrance Rogue. Stating that the partially clad singer’s provocative pose was “demeaning to women and inappropriate for children” the glossy pictures can no longer be seen on billboards and in magazines, which has lead us to wonder are cologne and perfume ads becoming too sexy?

Perfumes and colognes are designed to be evocative and to excite the senses, and for thousands of years exotic fragrances have been used to make the wearer more appealing. With the very nature of modern fragrances focused on sex appeal, is seems only natural that this is reflected in the ads. With this in mind we wanted to find some of the most controversial cologne and perfume ads and see if you think these ads are becoming too provocative and even sexist.

Controversial Fragrance Ads

Tom Ford for Men (2007)

Tom Ford for Men (2007)Since Yves St Laurent first debut his ad in 1971 for Pour Homme, cologne and perfume ads have become more provocative. While his naked male model is now being seen as an advertising work of art, the same cannot be said for Tom Ford’s men’s cologne ad in 2007. Featuring a naked woman with a bottle of the designer’s first cologne designed specifically for men, this ad is still raising controversy around the world. Demeaned sexist and inappropriate, the designer’s comments have also added to the controversy.

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Marc Jacobs Bang (2010)

Marc Jacobs Bang (2010)Designer Marc Jacobs oiled up for his ad in 2010 announcing his new men’s cologne Bang. The strong and robust fragrance certainly fits its catchy name, but we are still not completely sure about the ad. There is nothing wrong with Marc Jacob’s chest, especially when he is showing off one of his elegant dress shirts. We are just not sure how his naked and oiled body is supposed to help sell his cologne to men.

Yves St Laurent Opium (2000)

Yves St Laurent Opium (2000)Since 1971 the design house of Yves St Laurent has been trying to outdo itself, in provocative ads and sensual fragrances. With the release of Opium in 2000, the renowned designer managed to raise eyebrows and garner a record number of complaints. Featuring a naked Sophie Dahl in an elegant and extremely sexual position the glossy poster did not last long on the billboards. Just like the fragrance that is sensual and memorable, this sexy ad did get to stay in magazines.

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! (2011)

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! (2011)For some reason no one responsible for this ad thought anyone would be bothered by a 17 year Dakota Fanning posing provocatively with a large pink bottle of Oh, Lola!. The perfume that is supposed to be romantic, innocent, and sensual instead ended up looking slightly sleazy. Pulled because the ad was seen to sexually exploit children, five years later it is still garnering controversy.

Beyonce Heat (2010)

beyonce-heatWe included this ad not because we think it was controversial, but we wanted to know what you think. Television executives would not play the commercial stating that it was too sexual for viewing audiences, but we simply want to point out that it is actually tamer than most music videos. While there are steamy looks the beautiful singer is actually clothed throughout the ad.

Let us know what you think about these men’s and women’s fragrance ads, and feel free to share any others. We look forward to hearing your comments, and be sure to check out our other entertaining articles.


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