And The Most Long Lasting Cologne for Men Is…


Another highly important factor that is essential in looking for the perfect perfume is if it is long lasting. There are ways to make it last longer on your skin but it may vary with our skin type and the weather, and most importantly, with the perfume we use. We can all say that we are content with the fragrances we use but isn’t it too much effort to bring them around and spray them on us every hour? With all the perfumes being sold, not all of them last long as we all know; but there are some that have withstood the test of time. This list is accurate and we believe is a must read for everyone who’s tired of buying perfumes that don’t last you a while. Knock yourself out and read this much awaited list.

Joop Pour Cologne for Men

Joop Pour is coming in the highlight since the significant women in men’s lives are speaking out that this cologne is really good. It’s one of those that smell so good you can’t just pass by; you have to give a compliment on such a manly and fresh smelling perfume. We think this deserves to be on our list of most lasting cologne for men. It doesn’t really need much more talking does it? Just use it and you know it is doing you a favor.

Angel Men Pure Malt Cologne by Thierry Mugler for men Colognes

Best for casual wear, this perfume is exactly an angel for men. It is known to be the women pleaser with malty chocolate aroma. It lasts for a very long time. As great as this intoxicating feel, it is accompanied by tonka. The longer it stays on your skin, it tones down but doesn’t die out, smelling like warm vanilla musk. It is definitely for the ultimate successful man. An aroma for keeps and for use all day.

Fahrenheit Eau de Toilette for Men by Christian Dior

Wow! This one comes with a bang. Just as hot as it is packaged and bottled up, it is a hot product out there. It is the sensual and manly scent you are looking for. Guess the base note; does it get any manlier than this? Leather. That’s right. It’s leather. No wonder it is long lasting and smells great for every classy man.With top notes of Sicilian mandarin and violet, the perfect combination of all comprises this wonderful creation.

Terre D’Hermes by Hermes for Men

We can never challenge Hermes because we all know they always come up with great scents. This one right here is a woody Chypre aroma for men. Top notes include orange and grapefruit. Using the base notes of oak and moss, it carries such a woody scent plus freshly interesting notes of fruits, it gives the feel of such manly organic smells that lasts a long time enough to last you the day perfectly in good shape and smell.

Play Intense Cologne by Givenchy for men Colognes

We don’t have to spell it out for you but there should be more emphasis on the INTENSITY of this product. Givenchy has once again launched an amazing fragrance for all men. There is a blend of patchouli, mandarin, bergamot, vertiver, pink pepper and more. The perfect scent for going out or joining a group for any occasion. You don’t have to worry anyway, it will stick to your skin smoothly. This one is a keeper as well.


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