All Time Best Masculine Scents


Best Masculine Scents

When we think of masculine, strength and sensuality come to mind. Women are deeply attracted to the masculine man that she knows can protect her. Masculinity is confidence and a knowledge of who you are. You are courageous and heroic along with a fearlessness and fierceness that earns you respect and adoration. The men’s best fragrances and perfumes available have been designed to complement the masculine man with dark and mysterious notes. A masculine fragrance commands respect from peers and adoration from women just as the man himself does.

Cool Water by Davidoff

Along with evoking uncompromisable masculinity, this scent is also classic and elegant. It’s aristocratic and noble due to notes of sandalwood, tobacco and musk. It’s deep essence is for the strong man who has control of his destiny. It is distinct in the sense that people know what you are wearing and what you stand for. Extremely attractive to savvy women, they will have a clue as to the inner workings of the man who wears this.

Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche

Since the 80’s, this masculine fragrance has been a staple for the strong and fierce. It’s brash and unapologetic with it’s spicy notes that deeply penetrate into the senses. Just as the masculine man knows who he is, this scent has an identity all it’s own. To be present in a room and courageous in a crowd. Ladies love this cologne on men and will recognize all that it stands for. Sensuality, masculinity and strength. Notes of lavender and basil are balanced by moss and leather notes.

Fahrenheit By Christian Dior

Here’s a secret-women say that this perfume smells of sex to them. If you’re prepared to be attractive to all women in the room, this scent is for you. It has long been a fragrance celebrated by a man who is all man. It evokes excitement and mystery and strength. There is a playful side to it while still maintaining a full masculine appeal. Hints of cedar and mandarin along with patchouli and musk make it an irresistible combination.

Tom Ford’s Noir

Sophisticated and grown up can best describe this superior men’s fragrance. It is for those that have class while still being fierce. It is sexy and hot with a guarantee to drive the ladies crazy. It was designed for the very masculine man that knows what he wants in life. A sultry spiciness that is strong, complex and long lasting. You will mesmerize women as you pass by with the essence of masculinity and sensuality.

Azzaro Pour Homme Azzaro

Bold and courageous, men serious about their fragrance say that nobody makes a scent like this anymore. Women can sense men that are certain about themselves when they wear this complex perfume. It is spicy and sharp with herbs and spices along with a piney undertone. The core contains moss and vetiver, giving it an aggressive edge that stands for strength. It gives the impression of a lumberjack with it’s woody tones that is deeply sexy for any woman.


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