Alfred Lane Solid Cologne Review


Alfred Lane Solid cologne is certainly a term that’s new to us. We know liquid cologne that can be sprayed or more commonly dipped and applied to our skin. So Alfred Lane, based in Chicago, is definitely giving us something very different here.

The cologne comes in three different scents: Bravado, Brio, and Vanguard. We’ll come back to these scents later.

First of all let’s talk about packaging and what solid cologne actually is. Alfred Lane’s solid cologne comes in a tin can. You slide the cover of the can in order to access the cologne which is made of shea butter, jojoba oil, essential oils, beeswax, and fragrance. This is another thing that makes it stand out because these are mostly natural products unlike the chemicals used by other cologne producers which we worry about being harmful.

So how do you use solid cologne? You simply swirl your fingers on the solid cologne then apply that to your pulse points such as on your wrists or on either side of your neck.

There are a number of perks that give solid cologne and advantage over the regular cologne that we all know. For one, and to me the one that stands out most, is the fact that it’s solid cologne and comes in a tin can. You don’t need to worrying about it breaking or spilling over in your bag. You just toss it in there and keep your mind at ease that nothing bad is going to happen. I’m also guessing that carrying this in your carry on onto a plane won’t be a problem, but this is just speculation.

Another benefit of solid cologne is that it has a gradual release unlike liquid colognes or perfumes. This makes it last longer. Also since it’s easy to carry you can just apply it quickly even if you’re not at home.

We mentioned that there are three scents.

First we have Bravado. Bravado has a masculine scent and has notes of sandalwood, tobacco, leather, and nutmeg.

Next we have Vanguard. It has a spicy and sweet smell that’s fresh and can suit a different number of moods and occasions.

Finally we have Brio. Brio is a casual fragrance that’s great if you’re going out for a casual outing at a café or going to buy something at a market. It has notes of musk, spice, and vetiver.

Each cologne of these is sold for under 20$ which makes it cheap considering the advantages it has over liquid perfume.


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