Adventure By Davidoff For All Occasions & Seasons


This fragrance for men by the house of Davidoff that brings the challenge of adventure was released in February of 2008, except for the USA market, where it was planned to launch in the fall the same year.

It is promoted by the actor and the real adventurer Ewan McGregor, famous for his roles in Trainspotting, Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Down with Love. He says that this fragrance and its advertising campaign are deeply connected with him, not only personally, but also with his great passion – motorcycling.

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This bottle is very simple in shape. As a woody fragrance it have a color similar to woody yellow.

Top Notes

The perfume is created to be woody and spicy and it was designed by perfumer Antoine Lie, Givaudan. He was inspired by untamed nature, its freshness and rich woody notes.

Age Recommendation:

The people who loves to hang around the nature, who loves to travel a lot or loves adventure should try this fragrance on.

The feeling:

To have a very pleasant and inspiring aroma one should try Adventure by Davidoff. This fragrance starts with sweet and fresh notes of mandarin orange, bergamot, and sparkling lemon, followed by green tea and black pepper. Seeds of black sesame and berries of South American pimento dominate the heart of the fragrance, and the base is made of Peruvian cedar, vetiver and light musk. It helps to focus and knowing what you want.

Where to wear

It’s a pretty nice daytime fragrance. As a masculine characteristics any man can wear this anywhere.

Longevity & Seasons

It got fair longevity but not so long. By spraying 5-6 times it should last 5-6 hours at least. But the freshness stays longer. The sillage is moderate. One can wear this at any occasion at almost any season.


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