Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani Cologne For Men Review


Armani cologne for men is now considered as one of the classic perfumes of our times. It is named after Giorgio Armani, who just so happens to be dubbed as the undisputed king of tailored suits. And if we base it on Armani’s famous quote, “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”, this cologne surely fits your cologne portfolio.

Acqua Di Gio is a fragrance that doesn’t demand to be noticed. Its gentle, citrusy scent doesn’t assail the nostrils or makes a strong statement. It has a scent that’s meant to linger on and remembered by those around you. They know you smell of sensuality and masculinity, but just can’t have enough of it. The result? They seem to be raving for more!

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It’s perfect for the man who doesn’t need to grab attention because he already has all the attention he needs. Yes, the Acqua Di Gio man oozes with confidence and style.

Because of its popularity that has spanned for almost two decades, it’s not out of the ordinary for fathers and sons to both have it as their signature scents. Some consider it generic, as you can smell it on almost every male on the planet. I don’t think generic should be the term for such a classic; rather I would call it safe.

It’s the type of cologne that you can wear when you’re not too sure about who you’ll be out with. It’s the kind of scent that schoolmates, co-workers, family and friends won’t mind you wearing because it just smells so awesome. It’s one fragrance that you just have to have in your arsenal for any occasion.


Acqua Di Gio opens with the fresh and light citrusy scents of Bergamot and rosemary that gives it its unique Mediterranean feel. After 20-30 minutes, the intriguing blend of persimmon, jasmine, rock rose, neroli, nasturtium and patchouli emit a floral and fruity fragrance that lingers for about 2hours or so. It ends with the unmistakable woody aroma of oak moss, satinwood and amber.

Smelling reminds me of taking a walk on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, where the sea, earth and the air combine forces to create the tantalizing scent of aquatic breezes.

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This citrus aquatic stays on you anywhere from 6-10 hours depending upon your age, frame of mind, levels of stress, body chemistry, diet, and medications that you are currently taking.  Also, the length of its smell is affected by how dry or oily your skin is.


It’s mild citrus fragrance blends perfectly with the scents of spring or summer. You can wear it casually or at work. And yes, it does draw a lot of compliments. Its not Women’s Health “Best Men’s Fragrance” 2010 Award Winner for nothing, after all.

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In summary, Armani cologne for men is a subtle, masculine fragrance that’s designed to linger on but not overpower the senses; can last up to ten hours and is best used during spring and summer.

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