1 Million Cologne Review

Almost anyone who is conscious about their appearance takes their dressing seriously. However, the truly fashion-conscious man understands that the way they smell can make or break even the most outstanding attire. Irrespective of whether you are in for a first date, an interview, golfing, to the gym, or simply showing up for work, having the right scent can completely transform how others perceive you. If you have not been taking perfumes seriously then a good way to start could be an investment in the 1 Million Cologne. Best described as a high-impact fragrance with a signature masculine scent, this cologne is formulated for the confident man. Buyers have nothing but praises for this charming and seductive cologne. They are quick to point out that people cannot resist asking the kind of perfume they use wherever they go. On the downside, some seem to find it to last a few hours.

The allure of the men’s 1 Million cologne begins with its exterior design. The iconic bottle has been ingeniously designed to bring out the manliness in what lies securely hidden within the coveted bottle. It symbolizes passion, need for speed, women, fast cars, horses, pleasure, pretty girls, and gaming. The blend of rare notes in particular intermingle flawlessly to bring out a unique scent; a true signature fragrance only attributable to the 1 Million Cologne. The charming scent emanates from the fresh grapefruit intermingled with mint and blood mandarin. In addition to this is a striking scent from cinnamon, rose absolute and spicy notes. All these in addition to a white wood, leather, Indonesian patchouli and amber scent bring out a truly masculine fragrance.

1 Million Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Peppermint, Frosted Grapefruit, and blood mandarin

Middle Notes

Cinnamon bark, rose absolute, and musk.

Base Notes

Amber ketal, blond leather, and tonka bean.

When to Wear 1 Million Cologne

Ever since 2008 when Paco Rabanne first presented the 1 Million Cologne to the market, it has continued to be a favorite masculine fragrance. If you have never tried the 1 Million Cologne then you do not really know what you are missing. The freshness, charm, energy, seduction, and appeal of its scent will leave the ladies craving for a hug. The transparent bottle reveals the other side of the fragrance and the overall design redefines class and sophistication. You can carry it along with you wherever you go since it is compact and light. This cologne is for the confident man. Wear it to the boardroom, meetings, interview, first date, club, or office. Match it with confident-looking attire and you can never go wrong. Apply it directly on clothes, neck, arms, or armpits.


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